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During the production of "Elvis: Behind The Image - The book" the team thought about in which direction they wanted to enhance after ending the first project.

After short but heavy discussions it became clear, that there shouldn't be another Candid book as a direct successor.

On the book market and in the Elvis world there are certain categories and genres: books, dealing with the 50s, 60s, or 70s, releases fixing on candid shots, manuals, dealing with certain areas like the movies or the recording sessions. Last-mentioned category is resumed under the term "definitive book".

A so called definitive book deals exclusively and especially copious with a special period of Elvis's life and focuses it on that part in specific. In addition the term "definitive book" is used when it is about a book, which reports about backgrounds, the events of the day then, reasons for certain occasions and actions.

Such books are, when it's about a topic of the Elvis world, very voluminous and require (preparatory) work, research and well-founded knowledge concerning the exposure to the topic. Especially at Elvis's very versatile life style and intensive periods of work it is very hard to deal with a topic in only one book.

As positive examples are to mention here the works of Ernst Jorgensen "Elvis - Day By Day", Joseph Tunzi's "Elvis Sessions III", Cotton's "Jailhouse Rock" - book which deals with vinyl bootlegs or Peter Baumann's "Elvis On CD".

Elvis: Born To Rock

Because the producers decided to pubish books covering every genre, they also planned to do diverse definitive books.

At last, it was decided to start a 70's illustrated book, dealing copiously with a concert tour of 1975. The according promotion campaign was from the beginning laid out to emphasize the most important aspects representing a book and the producers had thought of already before the creation of "Elvis: Behind The Image - The book". (Layout & artwork - information - restoration - price/performance ratio)

It should become a special illustrated book and not, like usual, calling a production a book, which exists of unedited pictures strung together, where folios were forgotten a loveless layout accompanies a common text, which doesn't explain the shown pictures neither gives you useful background information.

The decision was made, to start a 70's illustrated book, dealing with the late Elvis, as a book project because with this period of Elvis's life it wasn't handled objectively and it was the time to dedicate a more intensive production to that topic and not to just take another book as sample and copy blindly from it.

This book should just follow the once taken path of price/performance ratio and should bring fresh wind into this shop-soiled but loved genre.

The Book

The book really lives up to its title and gives the answer to the question "Who's Born To Rock?" not only with its fantastic graphical material !

Elvis - Born To Rock ! The time is over to put one single photo on a single page and call it a book !

The front row ticket given by the book not only brings you back to 1975, it builds up the sold out arenas and coliseums again in your mind; it brings the excitement that is in the air to your home; it transports the hysteric screams and the thunderous applause from the past to the present and comes with a tour schedule, every candidate for presidency would have won the elections with.

Elvis - 100% live on stage

The Content


Evening Show - July 19, 1975

The majority of the photos, taken during Elvis long concert tours in the 70s, are so called live candids. That means, photos with small Instamatic cameras with small flashbulbs, with only a small coverage concerning the illumination, and with a fixed focal distance, allowing no zooms. The advantage to these photos is that you can see mostly the entire stage, including Elvis and all his musicians. The disadvantage is, it was impossible to see a close-up image of Elvis. You could not see any facial expressions or details of his beautiful costumes.

The fan shots are still very valuable to the collector, because they a historic account of Elvis at different venues in different outfits. Especially since very little video or photo material of this nature has ever been officially released.The content:

"Elvis - Born To Rock" offers the fan more than 320 photos on over 150 pages, and the majority of the shots are professionally taken and in brilliant color.

A few fans managed, however, to smuggle high quality equipment into the concerts. The better equipment opened up completely different possibilities to the hobby-photographer. Elvis as single image on the photo - that never existed before. The word of these more professional, close-up photos of Elvis spread quickly in the fan scene, so it was not astonishing that names like Keith Alverson, Sean Shaver or George Hill were called "official" Elvis-photographers.

This title, official Elvis-photographer, can only Ed Bonja claim for himself, whose images were not only released in a book, but they were published for the fans already in the 70s due to the decision of the Colonel, to use Bonja's pictures for a LP cover. The difference from all published picures so far is that the fans get nearly for the first time, pictures taken with professional 35mm equipment. James Faro, photographer of this illustrated book, had the opportunity to have Elvis so near to his lens that no disturbing heads or fan posters obstruct the view of the observer to the King. Sometimes it is mysterious how it is possible to take a photo the way that it seems the photographer stood together with Elvis on stage. If you look at the photo of the cover of the book it seems as if there had been a photo session and Elvis posed for the photographer. The depth of sharpness of the photos are so sensational that even the small details of the colorful jumpsuits are outstandingly visible.

Photos from the book "Elvis - Born To Rock"
Matinee Show - July 19, 1975

The book celebrates the two concerts of July 19th 1975 in a unique and impressive manner. It starts with the appearance at the airport as Elvis flies into New York. It shows Elvis on the way to the hotel from the airport, from the hotel to the Nassau Colisuem, and finally Elvis on stage. Also included are interesting photos of the Nassau coliseum, concert tickets and actual memorabilia that was sold during this tour in 1975.

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The soft cover book of John Reggiero. In this book you will see much more than usual 10-15 pictures of a typical photo set that is traded by photo collectors

Born To Rock will NOT contain the usual known pictures from the soft cover book of John Reggiero, published in 1979. The concert photos of "Born To Rock" are unreleased pictures, which have never been published and here for the first time see the light of day.

The complete concert operation - and complete means for the producers from the beginning until the end - are here illustrated. All striking events of the show are captured here in pictures for posterity so you can always "relive" them again - only in the memory of people who were actually in the audience themselves can there be seen a more vivid impression.


Largo - June 27, 1976

The photographer James Faro was in the fortunate situation not only to be at the two Uniondale shows, he was able to experience Elvis in 1975 & 1976 on stage. His shots from June 27th 1976 have found their way to the bonus chapter of the "Born To Rock" book. Gaze at the glory of the "Pre-Historic Bird Suit" while running over the pages and follow the concert by means of the stories and newspaper reviews as if you were actually there.

The Realization


Evening Performance - July 19, 1975

Because the format of the Behind The Image book proved itself, "Praytome Publishing" decided to stabilize the standard and to expand it in certain areas. The important attributes like hard cover and manually binded, as well as high gloss paper were adopted. By Bud Glass's decision to integrate a bonus chapter, the number of pages was increased to nearly 160 pages and beats the pants off the values of the previous product. Production wise, the complete book was this time provided with a print varnishing. This method guarantees that (especially on pictures with dark areas) the fingerprints don't remain visible and so the single pages will always look new and unread.

Like on the DVD productions of "Praytome Publishing" and "Bud Glass Productions" where it is always resorted to the original material (at the Super 8 material the original reel is used as source), the photographs in this book was taken nearly exclusively from the 35mm original negatives. Our special thanks to Bob Klein, who provided most of the material used in Born To Rock, from his photo archive.

Evening Performance - July 19, 1975

With "Born To Rock" you're getting an all around - carefree - complete package.

The photographer James Faro was in the fortunate situation not only to be at the two Uniondale shows, he was able to experience Elvis in 1975 & 1976 on stage. His shots from June 27th 1976 have found their way to the bonus chapter of the "Born To Rock" book. Gaze at the glory of the "Pre-Historic Bird Suit" while running over the pages and follow the concert by means of the stories and newspaper reviews as if you were actually there.

Elvis enters the stage - Matinee Show - July 19, 1975

General Information on Trailers

In general fans collect (and Elvis fans are no exception) every little piece of their star. That doesn't only concern print media. They also collect commercial trailers from the TV and even documentaries where their star is only mentioned. Unfortunately the biggest star has to live with the worst marketing.

And when the fan has the luck to get a clip on an Elvis production it is often cheap produced without love, what actually doesn't accord to the artist Elvis Presley. Here, the "Behind The Image Team" goes a different way. The trailer produced by them do not only advertise a product, but they were levied to an art form. They are unusual complex (q.v. the trailer of BTI 3 and the trailer of the book "Born To Rock") and show the love to the detail and the professionalism every product of "Bud Glass Productions" and Praytome Publishing has got. That's why the whole Elvis world is looking forward in advance to every new trailer giving an insight of the newest product.

Here we want to offer you the trailer to the according product you are interested in for download. Don't miss the trailers of our other releases. You find them on the left in the menu by clicking the desired product.

Please note that the according trailers are always clips in the so called web quality (for quicker downloading). So the quality does never show the quality of the DVD/book.

Of course you'll also find all available trailers in the bonus material section (on the medium DVD) in DVD quality.

A lot of costumers attested us in their numerous E-Mails and letters that the trailers are the best the existing in the Elvis world and some even said that only the trailers were worth the money for the DVD. Q.v. "In The Press"!

So now lean back and PUMP UP the volume of your speakers :-)

00:00  /  00:00

Making of "Elvis - Born To Rock" - Trailer

This is probably the most extravagant clip in the history of Elvis. The costs for the production of this breathtaking clip for Bud Glass' new book were higher as the budget for standard DVD because of the large orchestration. The "Born To Rock" - Theme, composed only for this project, creates an atmosphere as if the gladiators conquer Rome. You will get in the mood like being in a 1975 concert when Elvis rocked the stage. The producers think that this is the way the artist of the century has to be presented.

Download the clip, turn out the lights, switch your media player to fullscreen and enjoy this work of art at full blast.

Print Media

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    Fanmagazine Club Elvis No. 46
    The Advertisement for the book "Elvis - Born To Rock" in the Spanish Fanmagazine "Club Elvis" No. 46, September 2003
    Behind The Image - The Book 2

    © 2003 Club Elvis - Spain

  • Article the "United Elvis Presley Society" Magazine No. 75 (2005)
    United Elvis Presley Society Maganzine No. 73
    Article taken from the Magazine Nr. 73 (2005) of the French / Belgian Club "United Elvis Presley Society"

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    Hubert Vindevogel (France)
    Jean-Claude Piret - Colette (Belgium)
    Born To Rock

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    Essential Elvis Magazine No. 39
    Advertisement taken from the TheElvisMag No. 39 (March/April 2005) of the English Club "Essential Elvis"

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    Essential Elvis Magazine No. 39
    Review taken from the TheElvisMag No. 39 (March/April 2005) of the English Club "Essential Elvis"

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    Article of Andrew D. Snelgrove
    BTR Review 2
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    Article of Andrew D. Snelgrove

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    Club Elvis Magazine No. 51
    Book Review taken from the Spanish "Club Elvis" Fanmagazine No. 51 (2005)

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  • Review in the German "Graceland" Magazine No. 166
    Graceland Magazine No. 166
    Book Review taken from the "Graceland" Magazine No. 166 (July/August 2005) of the German "Elvis Presley Society"

    If you are interested in a membership or want to get in contact with the club please use the following website for more information:

    By Maria Hesterberg - Translation by Nadine Schwenk

    An illustrated book on the Elvis concerts in New York 1975 and Largo 1976 whose mainly professional photos show the biggest entertainer of all time. This article was twice-overdue because the book “Born To Rock” by American Bud Glass was already published in 2004 and has found a lot of friends since. Bud Glass’ book features on 158 pages more than 250 photos of a 1975-Elvis Presley and in a bonus section also photos from the year 1976. Except for a handful of photos all other photos are color-shots which come into their own on the high gloss paper. Glass concentrates in “Born To Rock” mainly on the pictures and sets detailed texts aside. The few articles are however worth reading and offer some interesting details.

    Unfortunately the producers again limited the text to the English language. Especially for this book it would have been good to publish the texts in two languages, because the amount of translations would have been small. If you take the book in your hands and run over the pages the extremely good processing quality stands out. A special binding and gluing technique compared with a linen stripe avoids the book looking used even after repeated running over the pages. This effect is in addition reached by a special transparent ink, which avoids finger prints on the pages. The landscape format of the book is surprising but the pictures are mainly in that format and the producer wanted the pictures to be unaltered, uncut and whole. The preface for “Born To Rock” was written by Al Dvorin, who should be known to everybody as the voice who informed the audience after Elvis’s appearances with the frustrating message: “Elvis has left the building. Thank you and good night!”. It is however less known that Al Dvorin was more than the voice that closed Elvis' performances. In this preface he reports shortly that he had been friends with Tom Diskin since 1955, who became the right hand of Colonel Parker and so he came in touch with Elvis and his show. Slowly Dvorin undertook all the tasks belonging to an Elvis show and passed through all the stations of the organization and accomplishment of this mega-event: “…Tom Diskin told Colonel Parker I could do it, so I ended up doing every job on the road with Elvis except dying his hair.” (p. 3). Like everyone who has worked with Elvis Dvorin describes his work for the king as something special. “With Elvis it was a thrill every night of the week. When he was on tour, it was a "happening". It was a "happening" in every city, and the fans knew that. They felt his love. They felt his enthusiasm and knew he was the greatest entertainer the world has ever known. I worked with the best people. I loved what I did and did what I loved. I am the luckiest guy in the world.” (p.3).“Born to Rock” is one of the last projects Al Dvorin finished before he was killed in an accident in August 2004.

    Paul Larsen, whose introduction comes after the preface, reports enthusiastically of his Elvis concert experience on July 19th 1975 in the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. An introduction from what I only want to quote two sentences to show the GRACELAND readers Larsen’s feelings: “I realized he was doing it to me again, touching the deepest part of my soul as no artist has ever done in my life .” (p. 4). Larsen remembers the process of the concert and its summits and refers at the same time to the following photos, which back his reports up. Finally we learn something about the year 1975 and its meaning for Elvis, about his activities on the stages of the United States and about his health problems in the year of his 40th birthday. In contrary to the previous texts, this author does not report any personal memories, but gives facts to the readers, which are being complemented from time to time by personal comments. Unfortunately we don’t know who has written the text because the name is not mentioned and so we can only guess that it is Bud Glass himself, who says in the last line “…Proof positive that even in his forties, there is no doubt…Elvis was BORN TO ROCK!” (p. 7). Now we see Elvis on the following 39 pages on July 19th 1975 in the Uniondale, Nassau Coliseum, where his first show on that day began on 2:30 pm. He wore the “Dark Blue Aztec Suit” with the corresponding original belt. Afterwards, after a short break for relaxing and changing, Elvis walked on stage at 8:30 pm for the second time on that day this time wearing the “Dark Blue Gipsy Suit”, also with original belt.

    The pictures are actually self-explanatory, but anyway let me bring some things to the foreground. Apparently Elvis was in top form on that day and on a lot of pictures we see the king the way we like him best: he sings and lives the songs, shows the audience how much his fans mean to him; takes gifts, gives scarves to the audience, kisses his fans, flirts with thousands of people in the arena and is the boss! Especially the close-ups showing Elvis alone have their own charisma: The viewer sees the Elvis Presley who attracts the masses and with his show – actually already with his single presence – brings them to ecstasy. That Elvis was in the mid 70s at a point where there was no turning back becomes clear in the bonus section, which shows Elvis during the afternoon concert on June 27th 1976 in the Capital Center in Largo/Maryland. These pictures, on which Elvis wears the so called “Blue Pre-Historic Bird Suit”, can not hide Elvis’s state of health. Although it is great that we are presented this pictures coherently, they leave a depressing feeling, especially as the end of this book. No matter how the people may think about it, Bud Glass emphasizes with his choice of photos consciously the sensational form of Elvis in July 1975 in Uniondale/New York. The pictures were taken by James Faro, a professional photographer with professional equipment, what you can see on most of the pictures. Faro must have pressed the trigger during the show nearly continuously; fantastic that there are so many pictures showing Elvis the way he was during 90 per cent of career: as the biggest entertainer the show business has ever seen and will ever see. The photos from Largo however are from Faro’s brother John.

    Technologically seen it is interesting that all the pictures of the brother are slides. Editing them, Praytome Publishing worked with a big technological effort. All the slides were cleaned with a laser cleaning procedure. Afterwards with luminance, contrast and color corrections the constant quality was reached we can see in the book. When we are talking about “Born to Rock” we may not forget the well done Elvis Trivia sections, which appear here and there between the photos and tell short stories about the concerts and Elvis and document them with photos or special photo extracts. Conclusion:The book “Born To Rock” from Bud Glass and Praytome Publishing contains a nearly complete documentation of the two concerts in Uniondale/New York from July 19th 1975 and a less detailed bonus section with pictures from June 26th 1976 in Largo/Maryland. The complete material stands out because of the closeness and charisma Elvis can transport even after 30 years and the medium paper. Always fascinating! The chosen texts are worth reading and contain some unknown details. Due to “Born to Rock” dealing with a very special topic, a very small extract from Elvis’s career it is surely no standard book in the Elvis literature. However this release is a piece that should not be missing especially in the library of the fans being interested in the concerts. Also the ones in favor of live pictures get their money worth.

    Graceland - Review Part 1
    Graceland - Review Part 2

    © 2005 by Elvis Presley Gesellschaft

  • Advertisement in the German "Graceland" Magazine No. 178
    Graceland Magazine No. 178
    Advertisement taken from the "Graceland" Magazine No. 178 (November/December 2007) of the German "Elvis Presley Society"

    If you are interested in a membership or want to get in contact with the club please use the following website for more information:
    Graceland Magazine - Advertisement

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  • World Wide Web

  • Review by Jörn Büter (
    Born To Rock Front Cover

    Elvis - Born To Rock

    (Praytome Publishing/ Bud Glass Production)

    The book lying before me includes Elvis pictures from July 19th 1975 and as a bonus also pictures from 1976. Would you mind? Pictures of Elvis from the years 1975 and 1976?

    Maybe the generality would be shivering. In all probability they would name all the prejudices about Elvis that they know: Elvis was fat and lost his own accord, Elvis was a miserable drug addict, Elvis was almost a living dead in his last days and so on and so on. You could go on with all these stereotyped ideas. The attempt to disprove these clichés is almost ineffective.

    All those yellow press-reports about Elvis - even in his lifetime were mostly ungracious (f.e. "fat and forty") - and the sensationalism by authors like Albert Goldmann ("Elvis" & "Elvis - The Last 24 Hours") still have big influence on the public opinion about Elvis nowadays. Even Elvis Presley Enterprises has obviously difficulties to accept the fact, that Elvis didn't die after Hawaii 1973.

    Elvis in 1975. All those who are familiar with the live-recordings from Uniondale on July 19th 1975, will know what to expect from this book. It opens with a foreword from Al Dvorin, who died in a car accident short time ago. He remembers the co-operation with Elvis, which started in 1955 as he became acquainted with Colonel Parker. His foreword leads over to the foreword from Paul Larsen, who was present at the afternoon show on this particular date - July 19th 1975.

    The afternoon show is treated with a comprehensive documentation. It starts with a picture, that shows Presley as he left the JFK Hilton Hotel on his way to perform the afternoon show - and it ends with a picture from the end of the concert. What you get inbetween? Pictures, pictures and even more pictures. In comparison with other books the most obvious difference is the quality of the majority of the used photos, which is nothing less than superb. Not alone the motives which are mostly unpublished - especially the full-paged close-ups - are convincing, even the paper-quality and the printing are first-class. Nearly all pictures are very sharp - which is very impressive with regard of the fact that Elvis moved a lot in this concert. The same goes for the quality of the private candids, which are very good.

    Partly the material gets short explanations. Also you can read the monologues and the band-introductions that were done by Elvis during the afternoon show - plus pictures from that particular moment of the show. In addition to that, you have full pages - called "Elvis-Trivia" - which are revealing, if you want to know for example which jumpsuit did Elvis wear during the show, why he gave away scarfs and so on and so on. This part of the book finishes with excerpts of a concert review from John Rockwell, which was published in the New York Times at that time.

    The next chapter about the evening show is presented in a similar manner.

    First you got an oversight of all the songs Elvis performed during the show, which was also done for the afternoon show in the first chapter. At this point it should be said, if one never heard the concert presented on the import "America's Own Vol. 2", than this should be changed as fast as possible. The concert is nothing less then breathtaking and presents the only known live-recording of "You'll never walk alone" with Elvis on piano offering a topnotch performance.

    Exactly this concert is also comprehensively documented throughout the second chapter of "Born To Rock". Elvis changed the overall and wore the gypsy-jumpsuit for the evening show, after he had worn the aztec-jumpsuit on the afternoon performance. Because of the high quality of the photos it looks much more colorful and very impressive. On every page you can see unpublished pictures, which are showing an Elvis, who has nothing to do with all those stereotyped ideas that circulated after 1973 until today. He looks good, he is obviously in a very good mood - and judging on the pictures - he is very active on stage. The import CD confirms the pictures and the pictures are confirming the CD.

    In the second chapter you also got printed monologues, the band introductions added with fitting pictures from the introductions and also full-paged "Elvis Trivia" inserts. Beyond dozens and dozens of impressive photos, one special photo should be mentioned here: a photo that shows Elvis in his gypsy-jumpsuit, sitting at the piano - photographed during the performance of "You'll never walk alone"! How can you ask for more? This part closes also with excerpts from newspaper reviews.

    After that a summary follows about the tour-dates from Elvis in 1975 - added with lots of candid-shots: Elvis in the hotel, Elvis backstage, Elvis at the airport etc.etc. - the quality of them is unquestionable good. The chapter is closing with a private story by the photographer John Faro, who travelled together with his wife from New York to Memphis to meet Elvis. The story gets completed with fitting candid-shots from the meeting. A survey about the recording sessions, single- and LP-releases in the year 1975 and a general view from the year 1975 are closing this chapter.

    Next is the bonus-section, which documents the concert from July 27th in Largo, Maryland. Needless to say that it is done in a comprehensive way. Like before you got a summary about the tracklisting, musicians and the back-up singers. Similar to the concerts from 1975 it starts with pictures from the beginning of the concert. In comparison to the pictures from July 1975 you have to say, that Elvis has gained weight through the year. Also you have to admit that Elvis looks in his blue bicentennial jumpsuit only "puffy", but not really fat.

    The picture material gets completed by printed monologues from the performance. The bonus-section, which offers also high quality photos, gets closed with a concert review by Phil Gelormine ("Crocodile Rock meets Jailhouse Rock"). Partly the review tells the story from a backstage meeting of Elvis and Elton John before the concert.

    If the publishing of the pictures from Largo '76 contradict the well known clichés about Elvis the same way the pictures from July 1975 are doing is maybe questionable, but in every case the photos are doing one thing for sure - they're showing an entertainer, who's doing his job after 22 years still and obviously with great enjoyment.

    Before the book was released they were discussions and arguments, that the book would be to expensive. To sum it up: There's no kind of pressure to buy Elvis-books, Elvis-CD's or other Elvis related material, so that everyone can decide for him-/herself, if he wants something or not. In this case the only thing that can be discussed is the context, not the product itself. What you get is a more than a pleasant product that convinces in its entirety: that goes for the high-quality paper, the printing, all the rare photos (most of them in color, less in black/white) and nontheless in its circumference with 150 pages. The price for the book is much more like a inducement to buy it when you see it. Highly recommended!

    © 2005 by Review by Jörn Büter (
  • Review by Björn Bergmann (Collector's Service)
    Born To Rock Front Cover

    Elvis - Born To Rock

    (Praytome Publishing/ Bud Glass Production)

    Good things take a while, but now we can present you with the latest joined venture of Bud Glass and Gregor Retkovski. Great expectation resting on this literature publication and the release was anticipated with excitement and honest interest in the Elvis-word.

    Due to high-quality publications like "Behind The Image" (Book & DVD), "Behind The Image, Vol. II" (DVD) and "Adrenaline" (DVD) the experts of praytome publishing made themselves a name with their evidentiary work in the Elvis world and managed to make the label praytome publishing one of the highest standards.

    No exception is the latest piece of work: ELVIS - BORN TO ROCK, the literature release of two concerts of Elvis Presley on the 19th of July 1975 from the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York.

    The book contains exiting moments of the 19th of July 1975 and presents us with the chronological complete day of the American superstar on that eventful day.

    Exiting close-up's are documenting both of Elvis performances on that hot summer day in July 1975 and gives us an impressive insight view into a normal "working day" in the life of this popular musician.

    Everything is documented:
    Elvis arrival at John F. Kennedy Airport, the breathtaking afternoon show just as well as the return to the JFK Hilton Hotel, where Elvis got prepared for the evening show. Dressed in a brand new rock'n'roll outfit Elvis heads of to his highly demanded and completely sold out evening show. Once again there where photographers about who managed to document the second performance on that evening of the 19th of July 1975, where Elvis performed such excellent songs like "Big Boss Man", "You'll Never Walk Alone" and I'm Leavin'".

    The book that's filled up to the top with brilliant colour photographs doesn't just make a difference to other photo books by the diversity of colours to the photographs used, but impresses by including additional interesting information, such as the background report of the Faros, a married couple who visited Elvis concert in New York and met him again a few days later in Memphis.

    Pictures of the designer sketches of his new stage outfit bring us a slight insight look into the preparations of an Elvis Presley concert event.

    A total concert- and record chronology complete the positive overall impression of this book and give us a representative overview of Elvis musical creativity in the year 1975. It's also interesting to notice the list of most important musical, political and social events in context with the Elvis activities of the year 1975.

    With all this information; a flood of life-, private- and backstage photographs; the picture of Uniondale Concert Arena and a 5 $ concert ticket of the 19th of July 1975 the book could have easily come to a dignified end on page 122. But the publisher toped all that with a bonus chapter and added another extra-chapter with 41 additional colour photos of the 27th of June 1976 to this marvellous book!

    Open the book and be overwhelmed by the intensity and power of the colour prints. Most of them are presented in large format.

    All we dreamed of for a long time as collectors is brought to life by the praytome products: rocking crystal clear video tapings in an almost perfect TV quality, crystal clear views into the wild Elvis Presley concerts in the early 70s and literature publications that bring tears of joy to the eye of us collectors. The legendary books of Joe Tunzi, Roger Semon and Ger Rijeff are sacrosanct, but praytome managed to present the same high quality and for the first time in colour! In brilliant, luminous and crystal clear colours! Embedded in the most high standard cover the Elvis world has ever seen. This piece of work was handpicked and bounded in a hard cover binder and equipped with the high classed 158 pages one could get ones hands on. Every single page of this book was covered by a special print protective lacquer, so that even after several times touching the pages browsing through this book there will be no visible finger prints left behind.

    The following literature publications will be compared with the high quality of this product in the future…

    Translation by Claudia Senor

    © 2005 by Review by Björn Bergmann (

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