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The Documentary

If you look at the cast of the documentary it is like reading the "Who is Who?" of the Elvis scene. All interview guests of this DVD deliver insight in their life with Elvis and report here exclusively of their private moments with the King of Entertainment.

The Return To Live Performing

This part of the documentary deals with the historic period between the end of the Hollywood-era and Elvis's return to stage in Las Vegas in August 1969.

Kathy Westmoreland - An Intimate Relationship

The accredited soprano singer joined Elvis's increasing stage crew in August 1970. She replaced, as "the girl with the beautiful high voice", Millie Kirkham and tells on this DVD for the first time her personal story, how she met Elvis and how she became a background singer in the group.

The viewer doesn't only experience much about the artist Elvis Presley, but also about the "Man Behind The Image". Kathy, embossed by her job-related and musical experience, characterizes and judges Elvis's vocal qualification and also manages, by her emotional kind of telling, to take the fan back to the time she spent with Elvis.

It's incredible how open and how deep she speaks about the human being Elvis and her love and sexual relationship. The interested viewer gets here not only the usual information, readable in the tabloids and yellow press, but learns facts and backgrounds never before read or heard.

Not only in this interview but in the whole documentary you get a lot of information and background information concerning the fabulous Fringe-Suit footage, which is also included on this DVD. Due to Kathy, who has been in the concert, the fan hears for the first time details of this legendary appearance on November, 14, 1970.

When this DVD was released, the experts and fans were amazed how far Kathy had been going in this interview.

John Wilkinson - A Perverse Sense Of Humor

The famous guitar player and solo artist John Wilkinson (July, You're A Woman) was already a member of Elvis's stage band at the legendary comeback concert on July, 31, 1969. Besides James Burton, John was the only musician to be on stage with Elvis during all the concerts from 1969 to 1977.

Their passion for music was not the only aspect that connected Elvis and John, but also a deep friendship John still feels connected to, as you can see in the interview. Here, the depth of the documentary continues in unrelieved intensity.

Wilkinson, already as a child amazed by Elvis, tells here for the first time about his own musical development, how he met Elvis several times and became a member of the probably most famous rhythm section, the TCB Band, which was a part of Elvis's huge orchestra.

This tensing interview includes never before heard background information und stories about Elvis and attaches great importance of the humor of Elvis the person.

Sandi Miller - My Friend Elvis

Fans waiting in front of the gates for hours to have a look at their star were called "gatepeople".

During the 60's Elvis spent a lot time of the year in Los Angeles, where he had several houses, due to his movie shootings. At this domiciles were also gates where the fans were waiting in front of to have a look at Elvis or to have a short conversation with their idol.

During the 60's Elvis wasn't yet as protected as compared to later years, so it was possible for some few fans to get a closer contact to Elvis. Sandi Miller had the huge luck to develop a friendship with Elvis during several years. Due to that she got insights like no other in the private life of the star during his Hollywood years.

In her situation she had the opportunity to make photos and footage (together with Sue Wiggert, known from the movie: "Elvis - That's The Way It Is") which are unbelievably important time documents for the fan today. This private photos show a completely relaxed Elvis who doesn't have to brace himself because the Hollywood camera is pointed at him; an Elvis, who shows himself as a private citizen who wears cool clothes, and can also fool around like you and me. The unique candid footage shines not only because of its own rarity, but because of the places were it was filmed: For the first time we see the private Elvis in front of his California houses.

At latest now, every hardcore Elvis fan will be stunned - the scene where Elvis walks straight to the camera and is as near that it seems he will soon push his nose against the lens thrilled and titillated every Elvis fan.


Original Screenshots von der DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image - Volume 1"

With this documentary the fan sees for the first time the California houses in moving pictures, the unpublished photos illustrate the interesting stories of the interview guests. The DVD is filled with sensations, which are because of the mass unsizable by the first time of watching. A little insight though gives you the trailer you can download here on this website.

Bonus Features

Unedited Candid and Concert Footage

Bud Glass Productions took care for not only the lovers of documentaries getting their money worth but also the collectors of Super8 material. Also here the DVD is a novelty. You are not only getting a tiny piece of a few seconds that's supposed to make you beg for more, but also of this part was taken totally care: The footage used in the documentary is included on the DVD in the "Bonus Material" area unedited and in full length. On every "Elvis - Behind The Image" product the Super8 material is transferred from the original reels with the most modern laser technology. It is unexceptional unreleased material, which has never before circulated.

Unedited Candid and Concert Footage

If you analyze the footage of Elvis circulating in the fan world even experts will attest to the statement that the portion of "candid material" is very low compared to the "concert footage".

Concerning "candid material" this DVD is the uncrowned King on the market. You won't find more and more interesting "candid material" on any other publication than on this DVD. Places like Memphis Graceland or Las Vegas come up in connection with Elvis in nearly every release. But the opulence of material, showing the private Elvis at his domiciles in California, is unequaled until now.

You have to cut back often, due to the situation the person filming was in (hectic, a lot of people, their own excitement), and also the technological possible circumstances and the age of the material (these recordings for example are from 1969) play an important role.

But here you get this sensational recordings in a crystal clear quality. Not only because the material was high quality in its initial shape (no camera shakes, extremely sharp and good lighting conditions), but the producers didn't spare efforts to transfer the material on Hollywood-standards.

Concert Footage

Los Angeles, California - Forum Inglewood - November 14, 1970 - 03:00 P.M. Show

The period the movie "Elvis - That's The Way It Is" shows, Elvis in August 1970 on stage in Las Vegas, caused a very special fascination on Elvis fans all over the world.


Original Screenshots von der DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image - Volume 1"

But as is known, a Las Vegas concert is different to a tour concert. So a lot of fans wanted to see Elvis, after his movie career and his successful comeback in Las Vegas, live on tour. This first tour made Elvis again "available" for his fans and brought the time off stage to an end.

With this DVD we now get for the first time not only crystal clear recordings of this events, we can also watch Elvis from the first row in one of his most famous outfits, the fan already knows for years from the LP cover of "I Got lucky". You're an Elvis fan for many years? You think you know how "the King" has moved on stage because you saw "That's The Way It Is", "Elvis On Tour", "Aloha From Hawaii" or diverse Super8 movies …

Let us tell you the truth …

You have seen nothing !

Here, Elvis rocks so hard through his program, that he competes with his famous "NBC-Special". On this recordings Elvis never stops moving and you see him nearly without a break in action. You're not only getting a few minutes of this footage the whole recordings possess for Super8 recordings an unusual length.

Los Angeles, California - Forum Inglewood - November 14, 1970 - 08:30 P.M. Show


LP- Cover "You'll Never Walk Alone"

This suit surely also became famous because of the photo shot by Ed Bonja, which was used for the cover of the LP ''You'll Never Walk Alone". The "Fringe Suit" shown here, was barely worn by Elvis, and today its not clear why there were so many myths about this concert and this suit. Maybe because in several books the rumor, that Elvis got caught in the fringes and had to be cut out of the suit, was spread !? We don't know. Or was it up to that there was no information, photo or film material of this first tour? The myth grew with the time and became even stronger when Paul Lichter released black/white pictures of this concert in his illustrated book ("Thank You Very Much").

32 years later we have the opportunity to make this surely unique footage available for the fans. Maybe it was really up to this film material, that made this DVD so extremely successful in the Elvis world. This material was, too, filmed from the first row. We get an outstanding and great Elvis concert and get the probably best "front row ticket" of all times. This recordings are, without understating, historic and the experts nearly tumbled looking for superlatives. In connection with the documentary, which gives you the required background information by the interview partners at first hand, it is an especially great pleasure to lean back at home with the Elvis - Behind The Image - DVD in your home cinema and letting this collector's dream come true after all this years.


Original Screenshots
from the DVD

Behind The Image
Volume 1

The reactions on this DVD in the world press and the relevant websites please take from the rubric "In the press". Therefore please click left in the menu the accordant zone "In The Press".

The complete historic background of this footage and this DVD please take from the outstanding article of the website "". (For reading the article please click here.)

Detailed information on the year 1970 and the here discussed first tour please take from "".

San Diego, California - Sports Arena - November 15, 1970 - 08:30 P.M. Show


Original Screenshots von der DVD "Elvis: Behind The Image - Volume 1"

For decades we've been wondering how Elvis was on stage during his first tour in 1970. For years you could only learn from diverse books (Joe Tunzi, Paul Lichter) in form of photographs. But on this DVD you see everything abundantly.

Again we can watch Elvis in crystal clear quality over several days. This footage is also filmed from the first row and shows Elvis with ther very famous stage suit, we also know from the cover of the "That's The Way It Is" - LP.

But here the aboved-named suit comes into operation with a red macramée-belt. All appearances have the power in common, Elvis lays into his performance. However, it is striking, that Elvis moved differently every day and has a different impact on the viewer every time.

That makes the recordings even more valuable for the viewer. Astonishingly, the appearances are totally different to Las Vegas and "That's The Way It Is". After you've seen this recordings you will realize that you'll have to rethink some opinions on the Elvis of the 70's because you haven't seen him that way before.


LP: "Elvis sings hits from his movies"


LP: "Elvis - Now"

Las Vegas, Nevada - International Hotel - January & February 1971 Engagement

The bonus material the DVD offers, ends with a special summit. When the Elvis collector's label FTD wanted to release a concert from 1971, the producers in charge had problems to find photo material for the cover ( The Impossible Dream ).

So it should be clear, how rare Super8 material from that time is. And in addition the viewer gets footage of Elvis in the famous "Elvis Now" suit, we have know for years from diverse LP covers. Filmed from the balcony, above stage level, you have a total view on Elvis and the stage and you can watch the star working in crystal clear quality.

And like with every amateur recordings on this DVD classic, the producers took care to make the complete recordings available for the collector and enthusiastic Elvis fan and not only a short clip.

When in the auditorium there's only a spot on Elvis's face or a new reel of the footage starts (remember, Super8 material exists always only from 3 minutes reels), and a cut would be necessary it was taken care that no single picture gets lost so that on this modern medium the complete material is archived and the collector can rejoice in the outstanding and lasting quality for years.

Elvis-A-Rama Museums-Tour

In general Elvis enthusiasts like looking at memorabilia and personal things that once belonged to Elvis. They travel for example thousands of miles to look in Memphis/Tennessee, the star's head office, at Graceland and it's museums. Other than Graceland, the largest museum worldwide is the "Elvis-A-Rama museum" settled in Las Vegas. Because not everybody has the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Bud Glass made it possible that this museum opened for the first time its doors for a film team. From Elvis's boat to diverse vehicles, to the beloved "Cisco Kid" suit you see here many extravagant exhibits, Elvis owned.

A comment about the soundtrack

A comment about the soundtrack All of the amateur recordings of this film material were recorded in 1970 without sound. Cameras with sound were not available to the general public before the end of 1974/ beginning of 1975.

It also not possible to add original Elvis music to the film material because of the legal situation. Even if you would be allowed to add it, this possibility would not be the right solution for most of the recordings. This results from the fact that a reel had a capacity of 3 minutes. The person filming wanted to capture as much impressions as possible of the concert, so he or she filmed as much sequences as possible, which, however, only last a few seconds, due to the running time of the reel. If you tried to add music in lip synchronisation the resulting material would sound like a broken LP. Apart from that, y you could only use a small amount of the amateurish recorded live appearances for a so called "overdubbing". Even if the person filmed 3 or 4 reels per concert at that time, you would have to cut the concert of one hour down to 9 or rather 12 minutes what brings us back to the "effect of the broken LP.

If you eclipse the lip synchronisation, you could use Elvis songs as background music but then Elvis's moves totally wouldn't fit the music. It would all seem out of tempo and pretty strange to the fans and would make the pleasure smaller.

You have to see Super8 recordings as what they actually are: They enable us to experience Elvis in situations of different years, which wouldn't be available for us otherwise, because from the official side it was failed to make movie documents for the posterity. To cite only one example: if amateurs didn't film any footage of Elvis in 1975 we wouldn't even be able to see the star "live" in the according year.

We did not want to expect of the fan to watch a silent movie, so Bud Glass Productions decided for a different way. Instead of using barely fitting karaoke tracks or some kind of elevator music, like its common in cheap productions, the team used especially for this DVD composed songs, recorded in a studio by real musicians. For the first time ever you can find such a high quality music on a Elvis-collectors-DVD, which underlines the recordings stylishly and enjoyably.

The emotional interpretation of the theme song "Behind The Image" enjoys great popularity under the fans. Also the textual statement of this ballad composed by Bud Glass fits perfectly to Elvis and underlines another time in an impressing kind the intention of the whole production.

When this DVD was released in 2002 the Elvis experts attest this new publication to be the revival of a certain genre.

By copying the treasure of their collections for each other, the Elvis fans interested in Super8 material of Elvis had reached that nearly everybody owned great recordings but they also had to accept that with every VHS copy the loss of quality became bigger.

Unsatisfied with the blurry and bad recordings, caused by frequent copies, the Super8 scene of the Elvis world succumbed. In addition, several Elvis dealers made this copies and sold them at increasing prices which were in no relation to what the fans was offered.

This situation caused that there was no need for the owners of the footage or the producers to serve this branch.

One of the frustrated fans was the American mega-collector Bud Glass, who is one of the biggest collectors of Super8 footage. Glass wanted his dream of saving Super8 material per laser scanning in the best possible quality and making it available for the fans on a common high quality medium, to come true one day.

Quickly he realized he was not interested in a low budget production and that he wasn't able to realize the project on his own. What was more obvious than Hollywood for finding a contact person like Lance Robbins, and "Spotlight Films", which already had achieved a good name due to other Hollywood movies. This paved the way for the first collector's DVD which was produced in Hollywood.

Glass didn't only want to share the footage with the fans, but he was also disgusted by the hackneyed photos used in every common documentary on Elvis. Here he was supported by famous collectors like Russ Howe (King Candids - Webseite), Keith Alverson, Sandi Miller ect...

Due to his collecting activity he got to know a lot of big names of the Elvis scene. He used that to give consideration to the title of the DVD (Behind The Image) and also to his own concept by creating a documentary in which seldom interview guests tell never before heard impressions of Elvis's life (You know the legend.... now meet the man.) and in so doing give the whole project the depth Glass wanted.

When Bud Glass created the concept of this dream project and set the basic data a few years ago it was his goal to create a DVD production where price, performance and content should be the most important things and in addition, should this DVD set new standards in all concerns.

This DVD has got 75 minutes running time (standard 60 minutes) and offers a historic Super8 footage in a never seen quality in connection with information and never before given insights of Elvis's private life, told by interview guests for the first time exclusively on this DVD who tell about their corporate life with Elvis.

Also because of its outstanding price, this DVD was loved by the fans. Compared to related products this DVD is 12-20 Euro cheaper, what is another highlight. We use deliberately the term "similar products" because there is nothing comparable on the market.

At that time Bud Glass didn't realize that he had created a classic with "Elvis: Behind The Image" ...

This DVD became not only the best sold collector's DVD of 2002, but also the best sold collector's DVD of all time !

General Information on Trailers

In general fans collect (and Elvis fans are no exception) every little piece of their star. That doesn't only concern print media. They also collect commercial trailers from the TV and even documentaries where their star is only mentioned. Unfortunately the biggest star has to live with the worst marketing.
And when the fan has the luck to get a clip on an Elvis production it is often cheap produced without love, what actually doesn't accord to the artist Elvis Presley. Here, the "Behind The Image Team" goes a different way. The trailer produced by them do not only advertise a product, but they were levied to an art form. They are unusual complex (q.v. the trailer of BTI 3 and the trailer of the book "Born To Rock") and show the love to the detail and the professionalism every product of "Bud Glass Productions" and Praytome Publishing has got. That's why the whole Elvis world is looking forward in advance to every new trailer giving an insight of the newest product.

Here we want to offer you the trailer to the according product you are interested in for download.
Don't miss the trailers of our other releases. You find them on the left in the menu by clicking the desired product.

Please note that the according trailers are always clips in the so called web quality (for quicker downloading). So the quality does never show the quality of the DVD/book.

Of course you'll also find all available trailers in the bonus material section (on the medium DVD) in DVD quality.

A lot of costumers attested us in their numerous E-Mails and letters that the trailers are the best the existing in the Elvis world and some even said that only the trailers were worth the money for the DVD. Q.v. "In The Press"!

So now lean back and PUMP UP the volume of your speakers :-)

00:00  /  00:00

"Elvis: Behind The Image - The DVD - Vol. 1" - Trailer

BTI 1 - When this trailer was released a scream went through the scene. It caused in the run-up to the release hysteria beyond the fans and experts and made sure that this DVD got more advance bookings before its release than the total circulation of certain collector's DVD!

Well, did this trailer take your breath away? For orders please use the menu on the left.

Print Media

World Wide Web

  • Review on the website
    In 2002, after much anticipation, this long awaited documentary finally found its way to thousands of fans. The critics were enthusiastic and the DVD is still available and selling well everywhere in the world. To celebrate the upcoming sequel "Elvis Behind The Image Vol. 2 Welcome To His World", we want to go back in history to let (especially the younger) fans know what this special is all about. The DVD is filled with great quality 8mm footage digitally transferred from the original master- reels to it's perfection for the very first time. You can enjoy thrilling interviews with Sandi Miller, Kathy Westmoreland and John Wilkinson, who share their personal memories of Elvis on this DVD for the very first time. Finally a there's a sneak-peek inside the famous "Elvis-A-Rama " museum in Las Vegas. This was the first and only time that they allowed filming inside! This special preview of the biggest museum outside of Graceland was definitely a nice bonus.

    Furthermore this DVD set new standards in quality, content and running time. Normally we get our 60 minutes and the fun is over! Here we have 75 min., which is the longest running time of a DVD in this genre. Compared to all the other collectors DVD´s, this release was a real bargain. At only US$ 39,95 (official retail) it was about 10-15 US$ cheaper than other releases ! (hey producers out there.. please follow this standard of great quality and content at a reasonable price!)

    Unlike the cheap midi file quality background music of so many productions in the past, Behind the Image had incredible background music custom performed in true James Burton fashion. The theme song "Behind The Image" written by the executive producer, Bud Glass and sung by Russ Howe was really touching and one of the highlights of this DVD.

    Beside seeing Elvis in 1970 on tour, this DVD sheds a light into the unknown parts in Elvis life. We all have seen Vegas and Graceland over and over again. But Lake Tahoe (not included on this DVD, this is meant as an example), or California is very less known. On Elvis-Behind The Image Vol.1 we are able to see (for the first time ever) the Californian houses of Elvis. We can see (from 8mm film) what they looked like when he was living there. But that wasn't all. We also got the man himself in private!!! I will never forget the moment when I first saw this killer footage. You see Elvis crystal clear and so near that he almost bumps with his nose into the camera. This is a dream come true and every real fan has to thank Bud Glass for sharing it with the fans! If you don't get goose bumps while watching this incredible candid footage than you better stick to watching "Tickle Me" or "Aloha fron Hawaii" compilations!

    To me the candid part alone is worth more than I've paid for the complete DVD.

    You have to understand that BTI is so much more than just pure 8mm footage. This is just one part of the whole content of this DVD. The Co-Producer (Praytome) and the inventor (Bud Glass) of Behind The Image, always stated in many interviews in the past that the 8mm footage (no matter how good it is) is only a bonus feature on their DVD´s and this is how it's labeled on the menu of this DVD.

    Still, on this DVD you'll find the longest running concert footage ever released on an official and legal release (for example; on the nice Ed Bonja DVD you only get short clips of concert footage. On Return To Splendour you get a nice variety of jumpsuits but only short fragments of the show).

    Funny enough, this wasn't welcomed by all with enthusiasm. One so called news web site even claimed in their review that there is only 8 minutes of Elvis on this DVD, which was a complete lie. (Later on they got caught by the fans a few times for incorrect reviews and statements and the fans gave them the new nickname "")

    It seems to be a personal thing, because when Praytome Publishing released the Behind the Image book, they stated that the pictures in the book were "only the same photos which were on the DVD and nothing new". Strange behavior, since there is no slide show on the DVD (and the book contains over 400 photos, most of them never seen before). It is hard to understand the intentions behind this, but if the fans buy these products and find out that every written word was a lie, they look stupid afterwards. Don't they?

    To fully understand why the fans reacted so extremely positive on this DVD you have to understand the history of this kind of footage.

    In the 80´s, a few years after Elvis' untimely death, all we got were the same pictures, the same jumpsuits, the same footage, the same songs again and again. Maybe because of the coolness of the outfit (which can be seen on the "You'll never Walk Alone" LP), the fans always dreamed about seeing pictures of Elvis wearing this classic and very rare outfit, known as "The Fringe Suit" (Elvis wore this stage costume only on a few occasions).

    You must know, that under the big collectors there were much more pictures circulating than there were published. But from these concerts there was nothing! You couldn't even find a blurry picture taken by a fan in those days! There was completely nothing!Than the myth of these concerts and the outfit started. The big picture-collectors started doing heavy research and hunting .... but there was nothing .... and the myth started to get even bigger!

    In late 1997 -17 years later- rumours were circulating that there were pictures from this big event. No one believed that rumours, because it just couldn't be!

    Then suddenly, out of the blue in 1998, Paul Lichter released his book " Elvis - Thank You Very Much" (a coffee table book selling for US$ 65). This Book was packed with (b/w) shots of Elvis wearing the fringe suit on stage. This book was a sensation, it was breathtaking, even for insiders and the big collectors. A pure beauty! This added to the myth. No one in these days knew about what would happen in the future … we still had six years to go!

    8mm material had it's big, all time high in the 80´s. All 8mm fans spend a lot of money to get their hands on the different (mostly import) releases of these days. Most of the time this material was shot from row twenty and Elvis was only a blurry white dot. Because some "heroes" who did not own the original material started copying it and selling twentieth generation copies for as much as 50 to 60 dollars per tape (a very high price in the 80's), many fans stopped buying them. In the end no one was interested in them anymore. Highlights of this time were without doubt Return To Splendour and Joe Esposito's "Home Movies" (for the candid material).

    When the CD appeared on the market these same "heroes" did the same as they did before, only this time using a new media. They put their bad (stolen) VHS copy on a VCD, using a bad encoder and a wrong compression making the endresult even worse.They sell this crap with nice covers illegal on Ebay and earn a lot of money. This market is again nearly destroyed and our "heroes" only profit from the newbies who were not active collectors when it was being pirated in the late 80's. 90 % of the market on 8mm film is a trade-market and the real insiders do not even put this crap in their packed bookshelves anymore. Still, the enthusiasm for this kind of material never leaves because it is the only possibility to see how Elvis was on stage.

    Now, how can anyone invest thousands of dollars these days, to produce such nice things as "Return To Splendour", when our "heroes" copy this new release one day after it's release. So it looks bad for a major project of this size.

    Then the new century came with a big bang. No one believed anymore that we would have big surprises on the 8mm market. Even if collectors would've given their right arm to get bad quality footage of this 70 events and a short glimpse of the concert with the famous fringe suit, there was nothing.

    Suddenly the famous American mega collector Bud Glass got his hands on one of the biggest collector dreams of 8mm material. He already left his footprint in the Elvis world, he was one of the guys who discovered the first signature ever given by Elvis and was known as a huge 8 mm collector - The reels not the VHS. This new original footage would be the rarest and best quality home movie footage that was ever known to exist. Still more then 2 years to go!

    To make a long story short, Bud spend more money on this footage alone than other people pay for their mid-class car. But that doesn't mean already have a DVD. He partnered with a friend in Hollywood who helped him with this huge project. They worked together with Spotlight films.

    For the digital transfer they used the same machines the big Hollywood companies used to transfer their celluloid Motion Pictures on DVD. In the end this project was the most expensive private production ever to see the light of day in the Elvis World.

    Note : "The Definitive Collection" beat this large production price later on. But remember this was a set of 8 DVD´s and they got in serious law problems afterwards, because they used material which was not their own. You must also consider that it was produced for the "normal" market and BTI was only produced from fans for fans.

    When the Behind the Image DVD finally came out it hit the scene like a bomb.

    What we got was unbelievable: Not only the exclusive guest list but also the great, never before seen candid footage. Finally after 32 years we got to see Elvis performing live "on tour" in 1970 wearing the legendary fringe suit. And the quality? To say it in one word: stunning. The most steadiest footage we have ever seen in our lives. And as an answer to our stage, first row and crystal clear!

    But there was so much more

    We got footage never shown or circulated in any kind of form from the famous I got lucky suit (See picture on the left).

    On this footage our man moved so much, that you understand why they called him "the atomic powered singer" in the 50´s. And if this wouldn't be enough, we got Vegas footage of Elvis in the suit he wears on the cover shot of the Elvis LP "Now".

    This DVD offers us the whole treatment. Unedited footage nearly the complete thing (as much as possible for the 8mm format) and not only little clips from the original longer footage. Maybe you can now understand why the biggest persons and magazines in the Elvis world already state that Elvis Behind the Image Vol.1 is a classic.

    Hope you liked our little time-travel back in time to celebrate the new upcoming Bud Glass Production and Praytome Publishing release "Elvis Behind The Image Vol. 2 - Welcome To His World". In part two of this article we will talk about BTI - The Book and hopefully we will have the first news on the new DVD. So please stay tuned!

    Happy End

    When this exiting DVD came out it was only copied a few times and not circulating very much! It looks like the fans understand the situation and supported this project from the very first second of it's release. They want to have that item in their collection and they have understand if people buy cheap copies instead of supporting the efforts of the people who are working hard to bring us this great material, there will be no more volumes in the future.

    Text and Pictures were taken from the Elvisbay Website
    Review © 2003

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