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The topic "Elvis and Las Vegas" has always fascinated the fans. So "Praytome Publishing" decided, after the success of "Elvis - Behind The Image" Vol. 1 & 2 to attend to that topic.

After the release of "That's The Way It Is - Special Edition" in 2001, the team was disappointed, that the fan doesn't get any background information in the included "Making Of". Although a lot of the people involved in the shootings, would have been available you have to miss background information on the original production and the period of 1970.

We wanted to keep the interview part for the "Behind The Image" - series and the documentary should be more about the events of the year 1970 instead of Elvis, so we decided to create a new different format.

Leading Elvis experts from all over the world were contacted to take part in this dream project "Elvis In Las Vegas". The team was supplemented by the mega-collectors Jürgen Keilwerth & Sören Szameitat (Germany) as well as Andylon Lensen (Netherlands). Developing the concept it was decided to supplement the whole documentary with unreleased first class Super8 Material, again.

Searching the whole world for adequate footage we found what we were looking for in France. The fanclub president, mega-collector and Super8 shooter over years Jean-Marc Gargiulo was contacted, whose travels to Las Vegas and the recordings he made there had caused a sensation in the fan scene already years ago. In April 2004 there was a secret meeting in Paris, because it was obvious that the "Behind The Image Team" wanted to have the original reels to ensure the best possible quality of the finished production.

The topic Las Vegas is really close to Jean-Marc's heart, so he was quickly amazed by the concept and agreed to participate at the project. It was clear that this new production would also be for the international fan scene so Bud Glass took a part of the research work, writing the script and recording the audio comment in English. In the meantime it was worked on the project on two several continents and in four different countries. A part of the crew went to Munich to deal with the digital transfer and the restoration of the material in the famous Bavaria Film Studios. Because we didn't want to fall below the quality standard we set with "Behind The Image".

In despite of the cost-intensive and complex preparatory work to this project the production time was very low. Due to the fact that certain features are reserved for the "Behind The Image" - series (i.e. interviews) there was a saving of expenses we wanted to give to the dealers and costumers in the same relation.

With 88 minutes (standard 50-60 minutes) remained at the leading position concerning the price/performance ratio and continued on the once chosen way, to offer the fan material and information in never before seen quality to unbeatable prices.


The Documentary

Already in the first seconds, the expert realizes what it is about here: the whole DVD is styled from the beginning until the end. Original colors were used and logos were created in the retro-look, which accord exactly the year 1970, so that you realize immediately that it was worked with a lot of love to the detail.

The documentary starts at the end of Elvis' movie career and he returned to live entertainment. This section is decorated with rare unpublished pictures and Super 8 material. You are given detailed information on the time frame and the events, which lead to that comeback and you also get numerous facts, some by Elvis himself, who tells here his own life story. How the producers realized this, shall not be told here, because we do not want to spoil the dvd by offering the details of some of the surprises on the website.


This documentary sees itself as "THE FIRST CHAPTER…OR THE BEGINNING" of the events that lead to the original "That's The Way It Is" and is the first DVD-documentary having the topic "Elvis and Las Vegas" as focus.

The best on this documentary is surely the unpublished material of Elvis 1969 from the legendary first Las Vegas comeback-engagement. A few minutes from this time frame were shown a few years ago in the movie "Return To Splendour" in low quality. But in consideration of the rareness of the material this was at that time already a sensation to see Elvis on stage live in 1969. The 69' material on this DVD is in impressive, unique quality and it is not the same material like on the above-named production. Please have a look at the Trailer.


Original Screenshots taken from the DVD: Elvis - Adrenaline '70

Concert Footage - Las Vegas, Nevada - August 1970

The footage which was shot in August 1970 on Super8 by Jean-Marc Gargiulo is probably the most complete concert of that time. Due to the fact that the Super8 format was only available as 3 minutes reels, often times there only exists short pieces of a concert as short clips. However, here the viewer gets the impression of attending a complete concert. The recordings were made shortly after the departure of the MGM Film crew so you don't see any recordings used in "That's The Way It Is". Without the pressure of the film-makers, a totally detached Elvis gives here a clutching and sweeping concert.


Original Screenshots taken from the DVD: Elvis - Adrenaline '70

We should especially emphasize that you don't see Elvis like in professional movie shootings, which show Elvis stupidly unexceptional in a long shot, here you see the complete stage. Due to the total restoration and the digital transfer you really have the opportunity to see every band member precisely and clearly. Even the expert will recognize details of the showroom he has never seen before while carefully watching this rare footage. For the first time you will get an impression of the events on stage and can admire the lighting's play of color.

Bonus Features

The Creation of Dreams - The Making Of

On "Elvis: Behind The Image - The Book" there was for the first time a trailer documenting the production. An extra-special at our website offers a further, more intensive insight at the work at the book. This extras interested the fans very much so that the producers team decided to dedicate a little insight into the DVD production work - The Creation Of Dreams, where you can watch the makers amongst other things, in the Bavari Film Studios. This "Making Of" makes the Adrenaline DVD complete, because let's be honest - we fans always want to have a great product.

And because we always have to miss these bonus features on the official DVDs from the film companies, fans are happy about finding such unexpected bonus clips.

Trailer - Adrenaline '70 and other products of Praytome Publishing

The trailers give everyone a little insight in the other products. They shouldn't only be entertaining, but should top the DVD off.


A comment about the soundtrack

All of the amateur recordings of this film material were recorded in 1970 without sound. Cameras with sound were not available to the general public before the end of 1974/ beginning of 1975.

It also not possible to add original Elvis music to the film material because of the legal situation. Even if you would be allowed to add it, this possibility would not be the right solution for most of the recordings. This results from the fact that a reel had a capacity of 3 minutes. The person filming wanted to capture as much impressions as possible of the concert, so he or she filmed as much sequences as possible, which, however, only last a few seconds, due to the running time of the reel. If you tried to add music in lip synchronisation the resulting material would sound like a broken LP. Apart from that, y you could only use a small amount of the amateurish recorded live appearances for a so called "overdubbing". Even if the person filmed 3 or 4 reels per concert at that time, you would have to cut the concert of one hour down to 9 or rather 12 minutes what brings us back to the "effect of the broken LP.

If you eclipse the lip synchronisation, you could use Elvis songs as background music but then Elvis's moves totally wouldn't fit the music. It would all seem out of tempo and pretty strange to the fans and would make the pleasure smaller.

You have to see Super8 recordings as what they actually are: They enable us to experience Elvis in situations of different years, which wouldn't be available for us otherwise, because from the official side it was failed to make movie documents for the posterity. To cite only one example : if amateurs didn't film any footage of Elvis in 1975 we wouldn't even be able to see the star "live" in the according year.

We did not want to expect of the fan to watch a silent movie, so Bud Glass Productions decided for a different way. Instead of using barely fitting karaoke tracks or some kind of elevator music, like its common in cheap productions, the team used especially for this DVD composed songs, recorded in a studio by real musicians. For the first time ever you can find such a high quality music on a Elvis-collectors-DVD, which underlines the recordings stylishly and enjoyably.

During this production the "Drum-Roll" of Ronnie Tutt from "That's The Way It Is" was the musical guideline. Abutted at this musical theme the complete DVD and also the menu was designed. Whereas at the actual concert shots on Super 8 there was chosen complete different high quality music, which doesn't sound like typical Elvis music. Here an atmosphere should be created, which gives the viewer the opportunity, to lean back and relax a little and get caught and amazed by the visual.

General Information on Trailers

In general fans collect (and Elvis fans are no exception) every little piece of their star. That doesn't only concern print media. They also collect commercial trailers from the TV and even documentaries where their star is only mentioned. Unfortunately the biggest star has to live with the worst marketing.

And when the fan has the luck to get a clip on an Elvis production it is often cheap produced without love, what actually doesn't accord to the artist Elvis Presley. Here, the "Behind The Image Team" goes a different way. The trailer produced by them do not only advertise a product, but they were levied to an art form. They are unusual complex (q.v. the trailer of BTI 3 and the trailer of the book "Born To Rock") and show the love to the detail and the professionalism every product of "Bud Glass Productions" and Praytome Publishing has got. That's why the whole Elvis world is looking forward in advance to every new trailer giving an insight of the newest product.

Here we want to offer you the trailer to the according product you are interested in for download. Don't miss the trailers of our other releases. You find them on the left in the menu by clicking the desired product.

Please note that the according trailers are always clips in the so called web quality (for quicker downloading). So the quality does never show the quality of the DVD/book. Of course you'll also find all available trailers in the bonus material section (on the medium DVD) in DVD quality.

A lot of costumers attested us in their numerous E-Mails and letters that the trailers are the best the existing in the Elvis world and some even said that only the trailers were worth the money for the DVD. Q.v. "In The Press"!

So now lean back and PUMP UP the volume of your speakers :-)

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Information about the Adreanline '70 - Trailer

This mighty midget trailer fits perfectly to the DVD, which is styled completely from the beginning to its end. Everything is designed in the corresponding colours of the year 1970 and technically the documentary is done like the great "That's The Way It Is". The footage you are about to see in this preview proves definitvely what great kind of material you can expect on this production.ssional 16mm shots which - unfortunately - is not true. It's a pity, that the Candid Footage from the Tailer didn't make it into the final version of the DVD. Now the fans hope that these privat footage will make its way into the final cut of BTI 3.

Well, did this trailer take your breath away? For orders please use the menu on the left.

Print Media

  • Advertisement in the English "Essential Elvis" Magazine No. 35 (2004)
    Essential Elvis Magazine No. 35
    Clippings taken from the Magazine Nr. 35 (July 2004) of the english Club "Essential Elvis"

    If you are interested in a membership or want to get in contact with the club please use the following website address for more information:
    Advertisement Adrenalin 70

    © 2004 by Essential Elvis

  • Review in the Spanish "Club Elvis" Magazine No. 50 (2004)
    Club Elvis Magazine No. 50
    DVD Review taken from the Magazine No.50 of the Spanish Club Elvis

    If you are interested in a membership or want to get in contact with the club please use the following website address for more information:

    Club Elvis
    Aptdo de Correos 347
    08910 Badalona (Barcelona)

    93-4731311 (Joaquin Luque)
    Review Adrenalin Part 1
    Review Adrenalin Part 2

    © 2004 by Club Elvis - Spain

  • Review in the German "Graceland" Magazine No. 164 (2005)
    Graceland Magazine No. 164
    DVD - Review, taken from the "Graceland" Magazine No. 164 (July / August 2005) of the German Elvis Presley Society

    If you want to get in contact with the author of the clipping or are interested in a membership please use the website of the German Elvis Presley Society:

    Adrenaline' 70 Review

    by Peter Beines (Bonn, Germany)

    While the previous DVDs of Praytome Publishing from the "Behind The Image" series always aimed at documenting Elvis altogether or at least in several parts of his legislating, this new series seems to be different..

    One of the specialities of the company, the presentation of barely known or totally unknown Super 8 footage in never before seen quality was always only a stylistic device, which was complemented by interviews with important contemporary witnesses. Therefore the Super 8 material was only in extracts integrated in the documentary although they were available entirely as bonus features on the DVDs. In contrast the concept of the DVD "Adrenaline '70", which was released at the end of 2004, is different. The footage takes center stage, constituting a fundamental part of the main movie, while the pure documenting takes a back seat without going under totally. "Adrenaline shall only be fun" say the producers Greg Retkowski and André Mester. "We just want to show this great material. It's more about the footage itself than about a documentary."

    The footage is the recording of an Elvis concert in the international Hotel in Las Vegas/Nevada in August 1970 on Super 8 film. The French fan Jean-Marc Gargiulo managed to record a full 40 minutes of the show from a slightly elevated center position, whereas the perspective shows Elvis always full screen as well as important parts of the stage and the musicians. Although this footage has exsisted on VHS for years in the collections of some fans, the transfer was crude and the finished product was copied and re-copied so many times, Elvis appeared as a colorless ghost. But what the Praytome Publishing people did with the film they had available as original is just amazing and comes up to the quality of similar material in their previous DVDs. To get everything out of the 35 years old 8mm film, it was first complexly cleaned. Following it was digitally transferred with a special laser scanning method and with further modern technology the colors and the brightness were beind corrected. The result is sensational: the colors are vigorous, the picture is as clear as can be in an amateur film and shows in the background even the musicians and the stage decoration in an astonishing way. The only but unavoidable disadvantage of the pleasure is the fact that the original sound and Elvis's voice are missing. Due to technological and legal reasons. Technically you have to understand that nearly all 8mm films were recorded without sound, at least until the beginning of the 70s. Adding the sound later to the recordings might have been possible technologically, but not legally. The production of a bootleg like the mentioned VHS videos of the show, was not considered by Praytome Publishing.

    That brings us to the date of the show. The producers remain silent about the date, and Jean-Marc Gargiulo says he doesn't remember it. But if you consult those old VHS videos you come to the result that it might be the midnight show of August 19th 1970, of which the audio was released on the import double CD "Double Dynamite" from Rock Legends. CD 2 of the set contains those show as very good audience recording, which was used to add the sound so well to the VHS video that you are convinced that it is the same show. But Praytome Publishing has again, similar to the "Behind The Image" DVDs, made the best out of it by adding self produced instrumental music, which is mixed with instrumental passages and applause segments from Elvis concerts, to the actually silent movie. And so the viewer experiences for 40 minutes an Elvis in top form, dressed in the White Chain Suit (with White Macrame Belt) in one of the best shows of the summer festival 1970, as the audio recording from the Rock Legends CD already showed, in the best picture quality. The first 30 minutes of "Adrenaline" are dedicated to the documentation and to light up the historic context of the concert movie in professional competence. A lot of very rare photos are being shown, as well as further very rare footage from 1968/69 which lightens up the triumphal comeback of Elvis at the end of the 60s together with the voice of the narrator Bud Glass. Outstanding are the also technologically perfectly processed Super 8 concert recordings of Elvis in Vegas in August 1969, a with fitting pictures highlighted self portrait monologue of Elvis as well as a short Super 8 clip of Barbara Streisand's engagement in the International Hotel in July 1969 straight before Elvis's comeback concert series.

    Also worth mentioning from this part of the DVD is the actually known film of the signing of the contract between Elvis and the International management on the building lot of the hotel: longer than known and in a better quality. Praytome also had this original film and was able to edit it. One and a half small factual mistakes strike: the famous "International Gold Belt" was already in 1969 given to Elvis as a trophy by the International Hotel for his attendance record and not in 1970. The other thing is that they say the LP "Elvis - That's The Way It Is" was sold 750.000 times. But that's only the sales at that time in the USA and not the worldwide sales, which was already at that time more than 1 million.

    "Adrenaline '70" has a running time of 70 minutes plus 18 minutes bonus material. The image format is 4:3 (NTSC Region Free), the sound is Dolby Digital AC 3. There is an interactive menu with chapter selection and bonus section which contains a lovely Making Of and trailers for all previous products of Praytome Publishing. Unfortunately the DVD doesn't have any language selection or subtitles just like the other Praytome documentaries so that the comment of Bud Glass in the first 30 minutes is only available in English. However, this drawback doesn't carry authority due to the historic footage being the main fun of the product. The cover is accordingly designed and shows at the front a fitting concert photo of Elvis in August 1970.

    With "Adrenaline '70" Praytome Publishing has focused on the pure fun factor of Elvis on stage. That the documentary of the historic context was not forgotten, proves once again the general intention of the producers to show the real Elvis behind his (public) image. The technological effort that was put into it is immense and makes the DVD a product everybody should have.

    Graceland Review

    © 2004 by Elvis Presley Gesellschaft

World Wide Web

  • Online-Review from the German Collectors Service

    Seconded only by its predecessors "BEHIND THE IMAGE Vol. I" and "BEHIND THE IMAGE Vol. II" this DVD by Praytome Publishing is unrivaled.

    Besides a professional, competent, illustrated Introduction into the "Comeback-phase" of the King that includes noumerous photographs , this DVD starts with a detailed monologue (Vegas '69) of the King about his reasons to start a comeback. Rare movie clips show Elvis inspecting and signing the contract of the International Hotel, which is still under construction and go into a short privately filmed 8mm sequence of the comeback-engagement from the summer of 1969.The actual highlight of this DVD is, however, a nearly complete concert appearance of the "Elvis-Presley-Summer-Festival" of 1970.

    Unfortunately without original sound (instrumental sound was added) but in great, privately filmed 8mm quality, this DVD gives us a fantastic impression of Elvis's stage impact from the time when MGM filmed Elvis for their cinema production, "ELVIS - THAT'S THE WAY IT IS". While MGM could work with the latest equipment and numerous effects, camera angles and zooms to beef up the cinema production, the passion that Elvis fan Jean-Marc Gargiulo filmed from his seat captured the true essence of a 1970 "live" Elvis performance. Plain and true.What we see here is not the studio edited highlights from several different concerts, no sophisticated camera angles and no exciting show effects but a "quite normal", amazing concert appearance of the legendary Elvis Presley!

    Rocking, breathless, dancing and making music. From the authentic perspective of a fan in the audience!The privately filmed 8mm shots are brilliant and present us the extremely good looking Elvis in top form. You can see Elvis good and clearly. And we experience him throughout in full size, without the "from the waist up" zooms that are annoying during rock songs with plenty of action. How often have we been complaining about the ignorant camera work, which deprived us so much of Elvis's moves !? Oftentimes, when Elvis's body fell for the rhythm, the camera was zooming him, faded in his musicians, confused us by changes of the camera angle as quick as a flash and offered us by so called triple-screen actions three perspectives at the same time of the dancing Elvis. Surely it was well-meant and on a silver screen it was surely combined with breathtaking effects in the audience. But in the TV format rather irritating.

    But as a concertgoer you didn't see a impressive tripartition, no cuts and no different perspectives and production effects. During the concert Elvis was alone on stage with his musicians. Elvis was the central point and he manage to amaze us just by his uncomparable stage presence.

    "ELVIS - ADRENALINE" offers us 40 minutes pure Elvis! The way Jean-Marc Gargiulo and another 2500 fans saw him at that time. No well-meant selection of the best moments of his concerts, but a coherent, authentic appearance of the King, at the summit of his physical shape, the way the concertgoers were able to see him at that time.

    "ELVIS - ADRENALINE" is the perfect complement of "THAT'S THE WAY IT IS", "THE LOST PERFORMANCES" and "THAT'S THE WAY IT IS - SPECIAL EDITION". A nice, conscientiously produced high class DVD, that offers besides the hottest rock show of the King also several trailers to the Praytome Publishing releases. Trailer, which are so well produced, that they are alone already an experience.

    Let's hope, that the production team will make it to elicit more treasures of this caliber and to make them available to the public.

    What Ernst Jorgensen offered us accustic on the FTD-label during the past years, finds a competent visual complement in the Praytome Publishing releases.So the reader won't wonder, why we are extremely looking forward to the next Praytome Publishing release.

    © 2004

  • Review on the website www.Elvisbay.come
    Only a short time ago we were surprised by the announcement of a new Praytome Publishing DVD release.

    Since this company is known for high quality and in-depth releases I could hardly wait to get the chance to see the material.

    Being an Elvis-addict, just like you are, I took the afternoon off when my wife called and told me the DVD had arrived. My boss didn’t like it that much, but hey, he’s one head smaller than I am !!

    As usual I started skipping around the DVD and soon found out this was a silly thing to do. Again it seemed that the guys behind Praytome Publishing put some brainwork behind the sequence of the material presented on this pretty looking DVD.

    As we could expect from the previous Praytome Publishing releases, this DVD is different!

    Before getting to the concert footage you'll get to see a nearly 30 minutes long, narrated documentary. Subtitled in the interactive DVD-menu as "Elvis '70 - The historic context", this is exactly what the documentary is and does.

    It takes you exactly to the point in Elvis' career where the concert footage was filmed. August 1970, shortly after filming That's The Way It Is.

    The Documentary

    Starting with Elvis as an actor in the 60s, you’re taken to the historical ’68 Comeback show. This makes you clear that Elvis was born to rock and not born to act!

    Sure, Elvis was a very successful actor, all his movies were watched by millions and made big profits. He certainly enjoyed making them - in the beginning, but after watching the '68 Comeback performances there can be no doubt about what he liked the most …

    performing to a live audience!!

    After this comeback it was time to do some serious studio recordings and put out an album. We now got to see and hear Elvis during the recording sessions in the American Sound Studios in Memphis.

    I think this is the right place to mention that there seems to be a "soundtrack", made especially for this documentary. It's not only narrated, but the background noises also fit the context. Like in this situation.

    You're told about the recording sessions and what do you hear in the background? Exactly … Elvis in the American Sound Studios ! Okay, there's no music because that's not allowed due to copyright laws. But you can hear a lot of talking during the session and it really makes you feel you're right there.

    If you'll look at this documentary again -and you'll certainly do that a couple of times-, pay attention to these background noises. It's very interesting!

    From this legendary 1969 Memphis sessions you’ll be taken to Elvis’ return to live performances in Las Vegas. Again this all was preceeded by lots of interesting information.

    For example, you’ll get to see how the International Hotel was build, you’ll see Elvis signing his contract and you’ll fly over Las Vegas just to show you what it looked like in those days. You’re told why Barabara Streisand was the first person to perform at the International and not Elvis. You'll even get to see footage of Streisands Las Vegas International performance.

    And than suddenly, out of the blue, a mouthful of coke flies towards the television!

    Can this be true .....?
    Is someone trying to tease me .....?
    Am I dreaming .....?

    Or even worse
    Am I going nuts .....?!?!?!

    A picture is shown of Elvis while going on stage during his 1969 Las Vegas comeback engagement.

    Suddenly this picture starts to move and we’re treated to more than 30 seconds of footage. The quality is more than stunning, it’s unbelievable. Where in the world does this come from!! Who had this material and didn’t share it with us!!

    After viewing it a couple of times I started to wonder if maybe this DVD was subtitled “Viagra”. But it wasn’t !!

    Now, if you’re talking about adrenaline, you’ll get a whole bucket full when looking at this footage!!After my private blond nurse gave me some oxigen and relieved me from this “shock”, it was time to hit the play-button again for more facts, pictures and footage (does this never stop?)

    As for the complete documentary, you’re bombed with detailed information, pictures and footage. When you look and listen carefully, you’ll notice that there are some hidden messages in this documentary.I’ll give you just one example:

    You are told what Elvis was paid for his Vegas performances and that it took a common household 125 years to earn what Elvis got in 8 weeks.

    Consider than that Elvis’ popularity only grew over the years to come (and so did his earnings). If you also consider that this sum of money is just the smallest part of Elvis’ earnings, it must make you laugh when looking at all those internet discussions about Elvis being broke and that he had to perform because he had financial problems!

    Hey guys !! Stop telling/reading that “Goldman”-crap and start using your own brains. Elvis was broke … yeah sure and the Atlantic Ocean will be a desert by the end of the week !!

    There are 2 more things I'd like to point out. First, it's said that Elvis sold 14 million records in 1970. That's only true when you look at the the records that came out in 1970 and don't include the backcatalog. Secondly it's said that TTWII sold 500.000 copies which is also true for the first run in the USA alone, it doesn't represent the sales untill today worldwide.

    The next very special feature in this documentary is Elvis’ monolog from Aug. 23 1969 at the Las Vegas Hilton. During this monolog Elvis states that it’s about time to tell his side of the story and that’s exactly what he does. He tells how his career started and developed from his point of view.

    Yes, I know that all hardcore fans know this monologue, but because it is underlined with pictures and/or footage this time, the complete monologue is taken to another dimension. You hear Elvis and you see what he’s talking about, it’s simply marvelous.

    The documentary ends with some early pictures of Elvis. It first seemed to make little sense to me, but then I noticed something in Elvis' face. It reminded me of pictures I saw from Elvis in 1975! I can't say if this was done on purpose, but it's a nice way to end the documentary. Linking the early and the latter years through Elvis' face. Just look and tell me that I'm wrong.

    To recap this documentary:

    First of all it’s rather unusual to find a documentary on this kind of DVD, normally you would expect to start and end with only the concert footage. The next thing is, that the information presented to us is not only very detailed but also accompanied by pictures and/or footage. As said before there are many hints in this documentary that should make you re-think the things you "knew" about Elvis. Last but not least this documentary sets you in the right mood to really appreciate the concert footage.

    The Footage

    After looking at the introduction you’re ready to go for the 1970’s footage.

    The footage is 40 minutes long, which is almost the complete concert!! The quality is again unbelievable. It was filmed by the French mega-collector Jean-Marc Garguilo. Some of us have seen this footage on VHS cassettes. The tapes that have been circulating vary from extremely bad quality to even worse. This time the original reel was digitally remastered.

    Please read again: original reel, digitally remastered !! I’m sure that even Jean-Marc never saw his footage that good! You can see some very interesting details, not only from Elvis but also from the band. It’s very interesting to compare this concert with the concerts we know from TTWII.

    It’s hard to go into details about the footage, because I would simply run out of words to describe what I see. Just have a look at it and you’ll know what I mean.

    Pay attention to the musicians, for example the percussion guys, I think it's funny to watch them chat with eachother and have a good time.

    There's plenty to see, take your time and go for the details. The footage is silent, which some consider as something bad. I can't follow that, first of all this footage was filmed in 1970 and the first 8mm film with sound came around 1974.

    Second, it's not allowed - for copyright reasons - to use the sound on this kind of footage. That's the reason you'll probably never get an official fan release with sound.

    I personally don’t like footage with sound that much, simply because it starts and ends so abrupt. I'm also not too fond of putting other Elvis music to the footage. I hate to see and hear Elvis when it doesn't fit together.

    Praytome Publishing didn’t use the usual ringingtone mp3’s for the footage but they've used real songs. To be honest with you I must say I did like the music, but that’s just a matter of taste.

  • Review on the website
    Stacks Image 118

    A Review By Andylon Lensen.

    Praytome Publishing released a new interesting product.
    After the release of two volumes of the successful DVD series "Elvis
    Behind The Image" (in association with Bud Glass Productions) they have
    developed a new format:


    Stacks Image 122
    The new documentary supplement a premium DVDs of Elvis Presley. It does not replace the documentary series "Elvis Behind The Image". This DVD contains a documentary about Elvis Presley and the basic changes in his life and career in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

    They have found (again) the original source of incredible Super-8 footage and is transferred for the first time in highly professional quality from the original Super-8 reel.Now, these are the facts, and I have no intention to write that after seeing this DVD "My pants are falling off" or "the heaven opened itself and I saw the light" .

    I rather stick to the details and facts and use some questions from other Elvis Fans who have seen and purchased this DVD. I have gathered here some questions and remarks:


    The footage is 40 minutes, is it from one concert? Yes, it is almost a complete concert, which is very rare on the Super-8 format!

    The material on this DVD, can you also see this on the TTWII DVD? No, this is completely different material. First of all according to the French mega-collector Jean-Marc Garguilo who filmed this on Super-8 the MGM Crew already left with their material. This is clearly mentioned on the DVD.

    Do we know this 40 minutes almost complete concert? Yes, there are analog Video tapes circulating for many years before. But this footage on VHS cassettes is extremely bad on quality compared with the DVD Adrenaline.

    The Material was never offcially released on DVD or on the video format. The material was circulating only on a trade basis in very bad quality. How come there is so much difference on Quality?


    This time the original reel was digitally remastered and done at the famous German Bavaria studios. This might ring a bell for European ElvisFans who all know the Series "Derrick". This is one of the biggest movie studios in Europe which where in charge of many international productions like "The Boot" or "The nerverending Story". So, I do not talk about a normal standard transfer which you can get everywhere.


    There is sound on this footage? The 40 minutes I'd seen on the VHS analog copy,this footage had sound. Yes correct, Jean-Marc Garguilo added Elvis "Live Music" to his silent 8-mm reels from different soundboards because he didn't only want to let the ElvisFans see his silent footage.

    It's not the actual concert that was put under the footage? No, the footage is silent, this footage was filmed in 1970 and the first Super-8 mm film WITH sound was introduced in late 1974...early 1975.

    Is it not possible to add sound to this footage? No, This is not allowed for legal copyright reasons and we probably never will get an official release with sound. Praytome Publishing at least did not use the ringingtone mp3's for the footage and made for this footage professional high quality instrumental songs.

    Is the 30 minutes long, narrated documentary Elvis '70 - "The historic context", interesting? What makes this documentary as a production so special, when you hear "ELVIS HIMSELF" do a part of the narration and talks about his life from the day he was born, till the day he was performing On stage at the International. Which means it's not only a narrated documentary, the soundtrack makes it also special on the background "while Elvis is talking" .... it really gives you the atmosphere you are directly into the specific room with Elvis.

    This is never done before!!! It shows how much the producers took love, care, knowledge and technical wise make this DVD entertaining and interesting as it could be. Yes, the documentary brings you to Elvis's career "right on TOP" where the concert footage was filmed, August 1970 , after the filming of "That's The Way It Is" from MGM.


    View Elvis as an actor in the 60s, the '68 Comeback show, see and hear Elvis during the recording sessions in the American Sound Studios, Elvis' return to live performances in Las Vegas, how the International Hotel was build, Elvis signing his contract and how Las Vegas looked like in those days. Sensational 30 seconds stunning footage of Elvis's comeback engagement in 1969, unseen in this high quality.


    Why Barabara Streisand was the first person to premiere at the International and not Elvis?

    Including a footage of Barbara Streisand performing at the Las Vegas International.


    The documentary is filled with rare and never before seen pics and
    footage from Elvis at the Las Vegas engagement ' 69.

    The "making of" documentary Creation of Dreams

    The almost 6 minutes "Making Of" documentary is for the viewers also quite interesting!!!
    See how super8 reels are digitally transferred, enchanged and remastered at the famous German Bavaria studios.

    The Menu


    This DVD contains an inter-active menu, Documentary (Elvis-70- The Historic Context) … Pure Adrenaline (Elvis On Stage 1970) … Super 8 mm … Credits


    The way this DVD is presented, it resemblance the exact specific styling as "That's The Way It Is" release. It starts with the cover, the colors and the credits … it all breaths that same atmopshere. To my knowledge this is the 1st time ever that there is a documentary made on DVD about Elvis's engagement of Las Vegas 1970, filled with new interesting information and details, unknown and rare pictures & footage.

    If anyone would like to have my opinion and/or advise on this DVD "Elvis Adrenaline"

    For the overall Fans this is an extraordanary entertaining DVD. The ElvisFans who are interersted in the '69 - '70's this is a comprehensive and interesting DVD to add to your private collection.

    As for me being an ElvisFan for 43 years and collecting Elvis Super-8 material for many years "I was davistated and shocked " to view this footage from '69 and ' 70's in the best quality I have never seen before in my life and this is a fact!!!! This is a MUST for all die hard ElvisFans who are into collectting Super-8 footage. It certainly gave me an Elvis Adrenaline …

    Stacks Image 204

    proudly presents


    Company: Praytome Publishing
    Released: 2004
    Total Running Time: 88 Minutes.
    Regionalcode: RC-0 (Codefree)
    TV-Norm: NTSC
    Screen-Format: 4:3 (Full-screen)
    Audio: Englisch (Stereo) AC3 Dolby Digital
    Subtitles: Non
    Bonus: Trailer "Making-Of" Elvis Adrenaline
    Retail Price: Euro 29,95 + tax

    For More Information and to order:

    "The Elvis International Shop" in The Netherlands, has also all other Elvis
    products from the house of Praytome Publishing in stock.


    © 2004

  • Online-Review from the German Collectors Service

    © 2004

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