Relaunch of Praytome Publishing Store

Relaunch of the "Praytome Publishing Store" brings a breath of fresh air for Elvis Presley fans

Attention Elvis Presley fans: The "Praytome Publishing Store", known for its high-quality documentaries about the life and work of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, is undergoing an exciting relaunch. After the previous shop system was no longer technically supported and development was even discontinued, the store now presents itself with a new shop system and modern features.

Author Charles Stone in the giftshop of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Memphis, TN

Author Charles Stone with his book "My Years with Elvis & The Colonel“ in the giftshop of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Memphis, TN

From the desk of Charles Stone

Author Charles Stone with his book "My Years with Elvis & The Colonel in the giftshop of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Memphis, TN In December 2010, after the sad news of the passing of singer Shaun Nielsen and Myrna Smith, we received another sad note about the death of Elvis' old budd Lamar Fike, who was with Elvis since the 1950's. In December 2010, after the sad news of the passing of singer Shaun Nielsen and Myrna Smith, we received another sad note about the death of Elvis' old budd Lamar Fike, who was with Elvis since the 1950's.

Charles Stone, author of the Praytome Publishing book "My Years with Elvis & The Colonel", told us the following: Bruce Jackson, a sound reinforcement pioneer and technology developer at Dolby, is missed since the last weekend when he was on a trip with his plane flying over Death Valley. Since he was on his own and so far no sign of life as been received, one can assume that Jackson was killed during a plane crash.

In the Elvis world Jackson is known for his work in the Elvis Tour crew from 1971-77 where he was in charge for the acoustics and the sound technology. Jackson can also be credited for taping dozens of the King's concerts. During the research for Charles Stone's book, photographer Ed Bonja (who works for Praytome Publishing) reestablished contact to Bruce Jackson. A lot of people tried to get in touch with Jackson, but he never gave detailed information about his time he had with the Elvis entourage. After having seen the quality of the Praytome Publishing products he offered to contribute information and pictures from his private collection. These pictures were published for the first time in "My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" which you can order by clicking here.

Jackson also was involved in the works for the upcoming Praytome Publishing book "Elvis on Tour '72" by Ed Bonja. As it seems, Jackson's involvement into this project can not be continued unfortunately.

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Snow-covered Graceland

Snow-covered Graceland

Happy Holidays

We like to thank all of the Elvisfans for their support throughout the year 2009. With the premiere of "My Life With Elvis & The Colonel" by Charles Stone during the 100th anniversary of Colonel Parker's birthday party in Breda, The Netherlands, Praytome Publishing received great feedback.

The "Follow That Dream"-label released the 2CD Set "Dixieland Delight" this year in conjunction with "Bud Glass Productions" and "Praytome Publishing". The Multimedia Box set that goes along with that set and which has the focus on the 5 performances in Huntsville could not be completed in 2009. It's a huge project which will be released in 4 differenten stages and you can imagine that there is an enormous amount of work and with more than 20 interview partners. To co-ordinate and compile the material (footage, pictures and memorabilia) from the collections of additional contributors and collectors is not only a big task but we feel that we have to do it with great responsibility. We do understand that you are excited about this set, but we are, too! So with 2010 being the 35th anniversary of the Huntsville Shows we try our best to release this set and share it with the world.

To all of you and your family members: Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010!

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Collage My Years With Elvis & The Colonel - Review

"My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" - Review

Latest ElvisMatters issue reports about Breda Event and the new book by Charles Stone

Elvis Matters 26
The latest issue of the ElvisMatters fanclub magazine covers the event "100 Years of Colonel Parker - 1000 times Elvis" which took place in June 2009 in Breda, The Netherlands.

During this event the latest release "My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" by Charles Stone was presented by members of the "Praytome Publishing" - team.

The magazine features a double-sided review in Dutch language. Unfortunately we don't have a translation yet, but we will keep you updated as soon as we get one.

In the CD / DVD Review section you find a summary about the FTD release of "Dixieland Delight".

Despite all rumours on the internet and messageboards the MultiMediaBox set by "Praytome Publishing" is not out yet.

Being back from Memphis where ElvisWeek 2009 took place we will have some great news for you with our next update. So stay tuned!

Please click here to read the articles from the ElvisMatters magazine.

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Ed Bonja

Ed Bonja, the official photographer and
tourmanager for Elvis Presley started working for Praytome Publishing more than a year ago

Elvis On Tour '72 - Covering The Nation

"Elvis On Tour '72 - Covering The Nation"
is the working title for the first Ed Bonja book by Praytome Publishing

Ed Bonja is now fulltime employee at Praytome Publishing

"Praytome Publishing" has become famous for its world-wide book and DVD publications such as, “Behind The Image" (in co-operation with Bud Glass Productions) and "Elvis – Adrenaline".

In a very short time, this company has made an extremely positive name in the Elvis World. The expertise of the knowledgeable staff members is evident in the content of their publications.

Elvis fans are the lucky recipients of unpublished photographs, photographs which have been restored by their expert graphic artist and very rare Super 8 footage of Elvis, which has been expertly transferred and enhanced, using state-of-the-art procedures, so as to provide optimum quality to the fans.

Ed Bonja wrote the foreword for Sue McCasland’s book: World’s Best Kept Secret - Elvis live Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe. Ed has since become a member of the Praytome Publishing team as a fulltime employee and technical advisor.

With his experiences, expertise and special inside knowledge about Elvis and the Elvis history, he can contribute in a unique way to the team’s productions. Additionally, in the context of his work, Ed had a very special, inside view of the world of Colonel Parker. It was the Colonel who invited Ed to bring his camera on tour to take photos of Elvis; so, Ed took nearly 10,000 photographs of Elvis, as well as of other events that took place during the tours.

With the current project, “Multimedia Box Set - Dixieland Delight," Ed has been acting as an advisor, and some of his photos will become part of the artwork for the box set.

Because the “Praytome Publishing" team works on several projects at the same time, the work on Ed Bonja’s own book has already started, with the working title "Elvis on Tour '72 - Covering The Nation".

Being a Praytome Publishing project, it is certain that the pictures will go through a complex restoration process and that the release will not be a regular picture book, but will contain never-before-told anecdotes by Ed, himself.

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